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Hey there!

As some of you know, I am currently writing a book with my co-author, Daniel Amador.

We are writing the book, but we started with no title, so Danny had the idea to call the Google Doc “somethingsomethingblablabla”.

So, yeah. Needs something else.

This’ll only take a minute. I made a survey with our top 10 favorite titles we came up with. The first part of the survey will ask you what title catches your eye the most. Then, when you’ve done the first part, it will give you the summary of our book. The same titles will pop up. In this part, which title do you think represents the book the most? If you want to give more than one answer to either of these questions, please feel free to contact me.

The survey is here.

One more thing before I sign off…

Danny’s Blog (which actually has almost the same formatting as mine… heehee)

Danny’s YouTube Channel (which is super fun)

Signing off now!


7 thoughts on “Poll!

  1. Thanks for doing this, Star! It’s about time we get a new name for our book…

    For your information, I was not copying your blog when I re-chose my format thing! It just happens to be a good format thing.

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  2. Finished the survey, I hope all goes well with your book, it definitely looks interesting. Maybe the title could also be the about the four main characters and their differences, so perhaps something like “The Merge of Opposites” (but that sounds kinda lame, it’s just an example I hope you get what I mean HAHAH)?

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