Reflections Tag + Important Announcement

Hello peoples!

I would like to thank my co-author for tagging me on his blog! Here’s how this tag works:

  • Thank the person who tagged you (as I have done already XP)
  • Share 8 of the things God blessed you with or taught you in 2020
  • Tag 5+ bloggers (eep hopefully I can remember 5+ bloggers hehe)

Okay, let’s go!

  1. I joined the Young Writer’s Workshop

This program is INCREDIBLE. Because of it, I’ve been able to finish one novel and start two others, as well as trying to get them published, which may happen this summer!!!


This is mostly because of YWW, but the friendships I’ve found are like… incredible. Thank you for being my amazing friends, Lil Bro, KatiCat, Ronnie, Lissie Piggy, BB, Currus (even though you’ll probably never read this XD), Eeny P., Teddy, and Honey Bun. (Those are all nicknames by the way haha!)

3. I wrote one novel and started two others

Yeah, I mentioned this before, but I still can’t really believe it…

4. I read through Plato and didn’t die!

Ha this was for school and I actually survived it AND had some fun along the way… who knew.

5. I’m doing a health program with my family

This program is called 2B Mindset, and I would recommend it for EVERYONE. You eat well but you eat a TON, you feel better, AND you lose weight. It’s honestly amazing.

*just realized that was this year but whatever; I’m adding it in anyways hehe*

6. I’ve become a lot more emotionally mature

I’ve been dealing with lots of hard stuff this year and it’s really helped me grow in my faith AND in how I deal with people.

7. I’ve become a lot more committed to dance

I’ve been a lot more dedicated this year and have been starting to push my limits. It’s been hard but I know it’s good for me 😀

8. I wrote 9 songs

It’s so fun and it helps me rant in a musical way… I’ve actually made an album for my novel (now I just have to record it professionally).

YAY! I SURVIVED! Now I gotta tag 5+ bloggers.







Okay now that I’ve finished that, you’re probably wondering, What’s the important announcement??

I’m glad you asked.

At the moment this blog has 38 followers. When it reaches 50 followers, guess what I’m gonna do?

I’m going to have a special blog post.

A special, scary (for me) blog post.

BASICALLY when I reach 50 followers, y’all can send me a sentence or two that I HAVE to send to one of my friends and get their reaction. So if you contact me and say, “Here’s my sentence: I am a hot dog,” I have to send “I am a hot dog” to one of my friends randomly with not explanation. Then I will screenshot their reactions and put it on a blog post (making them anonymous, of course).


Why am I doing this to myself.


See ya all later!


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